Stimulating Stargazer


AED :  215

Product Specifications

Style: Hand Bouquet: 7 stems of pink lilies with multiple blooms (3 to 4 blooms per stem) are arranged in a white wrapping, decorated with matching curly ribbons.

Size: Bouquet Height 60cm and Width 30cm

Quality: Fresh pink lilies are arranged in the white wrapping after receiving the order. Shipping is in a temperature-controlled van directly from the shop to the specified destination.


Product Description

Pink Lilies Bouquet to Make Them Spellbound

In the realm of floral wonders, few blooms possess the captivating allure quite like the pink lilies bouquet. Symbolizing grace, admiration, and gentle beauty, these magnificent flowers embody sentiments that touch the deepest chambers of the heart. With their elegant stature and tender petals, pink lilies evoke a sense of awe and admiration, bringing forth a serene ambiance wherever they bloom. The bouquet's tender allure and ethereal beauty make it a gift that will touch hearts and leave an everlasting impression. Delight your cherished ones with this floral treasure, a symphony of nature's splendor that will fill their souls with joy, serenity, and a profound sense of appreciation. Embrace the art of gifting and watch their spirits blossom like the enchanting petals of these pink lilies.


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