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7 Floral Fragrances That Last Much Longer Than Others- Here is a list!

Flowers and their fragrance cannot be separated from one another. The floral fragrances that fill the gardens in the flowering season have always been the talk of the town when they are in full bloom. Some fragrances are so strong that they can keep the environment dipped in the scents of their blossom.  People pick…
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Where Should One Place Flowers in their New House?

Flowers are popularly known for bringing freshness and positivity to the space. But, are you aware that including flowers in the new house helps attract good luck? Yes, you read that right. It is said that displaying fresh flowers is said to bring in good fortune if they are placed in the high-energy areas of…
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7 Most Expensive Flowers of the World

Never judge love with money. Lovers exchange many gifts that are apparent of money but the most expensive of gifts are a sure thing to melt anyone's heart. The rarest and unique breed of flowers is pricey and speaks volumes about the money that is spent to procure them. Sending the most precious blooms from an…
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