7 Most Expensive Flowers of the World

June 1, 2022

Never judge love with money. Lovers exchange many gifts that are apparent of money but the most expensive of gifts are a sure thing to melt anyone's heart. The rarest and unique breed of flowers is pricey and speaks volumes about the money that is spent to procure them. Sending the most precious blooms from an online florist to impress the people whom you care a lot is a splendid gesture to flutter their hearts.

Here is a list of the most expensive flowers on the planet with top-notch color and aroma to soothe your nerves and calm your mind:

Gloriosa Lily

Known by another name “Flame lily”, it is extremely enchanting to hold an expensive stem of Gloriosa Lily. The large stamens protruding out of the flower surrounded by fiery red-orange petals are the rarest of lilies. An expert florist can arrange and present these aromatic flowers in a silk paper bouquet.

Saffron Crocus

The purple tinge and golden stamen of the saffron flower will just fill every corner of the heart with its sunshine and bright color. "Saffron", the world's costliest spice, makes this bloom a rare flower that is harvested with ultimate efforts.

Juliet Rose

The rarest of the flower that took more than 15 years in growing costs a whopping amount of money for a single stem. The dense aroma and the pink color of Juliet Rose are magical when the million-dollar scented flower finds its way into the hands of your beloved.


The high price of the Lisianthus flower is symbolic of being a supreme sociable flower. I can be presented to show love, admiration, respect and acceptance. Such stupendous cut flowers have a good vase life of 10 to 12 days.

Shenzhen Orchid

Have you heard of manmade flowers? This rare orchid is developed in a laboratory with expertise in agricultural research by famous agriculturists. The charm of the flower is stunning and variegated petal designs are a sure-shot attraction. The flower is a rare combination of beauty and excellence.

Lily of the Valley

It is the first bell-shaped flower to attain the position of one of the most expensive flowers. The whiteness of the bellflower and its sweet scent will mesmerize the people witnessing its purity. The pendant lilies are a sure gift option for wedding bouquet or office centre piece. The fragile blooms can be ordered online for same-day flower delivery as they are highly perishable.

17Th Century Tulips

The exotic Tulips caught the fancy of the Dutch who loved to live in mansions surrounded by these colorful bulbs. The popularity of these flowers lies in the vividness of the color and marvelous symmetry and shape. Shelling out quite some money is not a big deal if you are also crazy about the tulips or want to impress your loved one with the beauty of the royal flower.

Love and money are not related but there is a whooping cost of everything rare in this world. The most expensive flower bouquets are a sure way to impress your soul mate in a heart-touching way.

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