Bring Nearer


Original price was: AED :  367.Current price is: AED :  330.

  • 30 Pink Roses (Two Types)
  • Cylinder Vase Top Arrangement.
  • With Ribbon

Product Description

Roses on Cylinder Vase Design Looks Premium.

This remarkable masterpiece showcases a stunning collection of 30 pink roses, carefully selected from two distinct varieties, creating an enchanting panoply of colors and textures. By gifting the "Bring Nearer" arrangement, you invite your loved ones into a world of sheer beauty and bliss. It serves as a tangible expression of your heartfelt emotions, bridging the physical and emotional distance between you and your recipient. Indulge in the allure of the "Bring Nearer" arrangement and experience the enchantment of 30 roses adorning a striking cylinder vase. Let this 30 roses cylinder vase, remarkable creation become a symbol of your enduring love, appreciation, and desire to bring those dear to you even closer.