What all Occasion Gifts do Real Flowers covers?

June 25, 2018

Real Flowers provides a wide range of floral gifts that are customized as per the occasion and customer likes. We can assist you with our user-friendly site to make an order and deliver your wishes to anywhere in Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman within 3-5 hours with greeting cards. Our shop is offering 10 main occasion gifts in a human lifespan. No celebration is complete without presenting the floral fragrant to the occasion.

  • Flower gifts on Anniversary

Red roses basket

If you are buying flowers for your anniversary, we have the finest set of gifts to make your partner happy at that special moment. Genial Gems is one of our brilliance in crafting Anniversary gifts. Seasonal flowers with red roses will be the best choice of flowers if you send them as an anniversary gift, it doesn't matter if they are falling to the 1st, 25th, or 50th celebration. The anniversary gifts have mostly come in the form of Hand Bouquets, Vase arrangements, Flower baskets, etc.

  • Flower gifts for birthday

Flower basket with teddy bear

Most people want to feel special and surprised on his/her birthday. One and the most reliable way to provide these good feelings is by sending beautiful gifts to birthday celebrators. If you are confused about what to give to your loved one's birthday then the best choice will be flowers. Real Flowers shop incorporates a variety of flower gifts eg: Pretty Special is a spectacular combo gift that satisfies any kind of person.

  • Congratulate with Flower gifts

Pink roses bouquet

In this event, if you are congratulating someone, flowers are the first and foremost thing that we could never avoid. Expressing your congratulatory sentiments through flowers is always wonderful. We mostly use sunny bright roses, pink and blushing red roses, and dazzling white orchids to create congratulations gifts. You can club it with other items like a soft toy, chocolates or balloons to make the recipient happier. Pristine Pink Roses are one of our masterpieces in congratulating with flower gifts. Whatever the situation you are in, don't forget to applaud your loved one's achievements.

  • Get well Soon Flowers

Pink Roses BouquetWish you were there when your friends or family fell sick? There is a better way to show your love and care to them even if your physical presence was not there, which is sending a Get Well Soon flower. You can also express your feelings and motivations by sending message cards along with flowers. It may be a surprise to the sick person when he sees and feels the kind of care and attention from other people around. We offer a variety of get-well-soon occasion gifts and the Magical Purple Rose bouquet is one among those. This local flower shop can speedily deliver the get well soon flowers to Hospitals in Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman as per the order.

  • Flowers to Express Love and Friendship

Glass vase of red rosesWhen you are wishing someone or sending greetings, words may feel short. This is because words often fail to recreate the emotions that we feel for someone. Therefore, on these kinds of occasions, flowers would be a more meaningful gift. While red roses are the most famous romantic flowers, another way to compliment the beauty of someone you love is a bouquet of Lilies. Nurture your friendship by showing your best buddies how much you care for them by sending flowers and gifts. We have the finest collections of love and friendship-related flowers, Gentle Reminder is one of the most demanded flower gifts.

  • New Born Baby Flower gifts

Glass vase of mixed flowersThe arrival of a new baby is a special occasion for human life and no better way to congratulate the parents and engage in their happiness by gifting flowers. Flowers will spread a positive vibe all over the room whether it is in the hospital or house. You can send a flower basket or a flower vase to welcome the new member of the family. If you are not at the place where the birth happens, don’t worry just visit our site and make an order with a proper delivery address. We will make sure to deliver the right flowers to the right place at the right time. Little Miracle will be the best choice for this occasion.

  • Wedding Day Flowers

lilies and roses flower basketYour wedding day is an event you’ll never want to forget. No wedding feels truly complete without wedding decorations and flowers. How simple your wedding may be, the flowers can turn a special event into something magical. Selecting wedding flowers requires a lot of thought and deliberate preparation. Mainly the flowers are used in weddings as bridal bouquets and for decoration. No bride is complete without a beautiful bouquet in her hand. The decorative flowers are something you can’t avoid in terms of occasion gifts in a wedding ceremony and reception. We are providing flowers for every occasion of a wedding ceremony.

  • Mother’s Day Flowers

Glass vase of mixed rosesThere is no power or treasure on earth like a mother. Mothers hold their children's hands for a while, but their hearts forever. Now it’s our turn to show love and caring by celebrating the special day and sending beautiful flowers to all the special moms in your life. Roses are the most suitable flowers to gift your mom on these precious occasions. Power of Presence is the most commonly used Mother’s Day gift that clearly shows your love, respect, and happiness. You can also order these products whenever you want, to show your love to her. These products are available throughout the year.

  • Women’s Day Flowers

pink tulip glass vaseA day to honor and celebrate the cultural, social, economic, and political achievements of women, on this special day, a gift of flowers by dear ones can make them happy and make them proud, and motivated. For this special occasion, red, pink, and purple flowers are more apt for gifting because these are the favorite colors for Women’s Day. If you have any teacher, sister, mom, friend, etc. that you want to honor, flowers will be a better one. We are using 4 kinds of flowers for crafting women’s Day gifts; they are Roses, Orchids, lilies, and Tulips.

  • Valentine's Day Flowers

100 rosesValentine’s Day is a wonderful event that addresses emotion and passion. All of us desire to do something different and unique for our soul mates at this event. As a florist, it is truly an honor to see how people love and be a part of their love story. If you are confused about what to present on this beautiful day of celebration, flowers are the best gift to make your better half happy. We are having a wide range of Valentine’s Day flowers that start at @AED of 225. Mostly Red roses are crafted for this occasion and add-on items like Teddy bears and chocolates can be there. Try your luck with Real flowers.



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