Top 5 Aromatic Flowers for the Home that Bloom at Night

April 20, 2022

Think of it this way. You are all set to enjoy your night time, and you step into your balcony and are greeted by the rich aromas of your garden. Nothing could ever sum up to that feeling. Your night garden is the sanctuary of flowers that reserves the most aromatic fragrances for the evening and where you can relax and enjoy a great view with scents. Further, for those who don't own a night garden, and everything sounds like an inviting scenario, here are some aromatic flowers that can help you create your own scented heaven. 

Night-blooming Flowers for Home 

For those eager to create a new night garden or just wish to upgrade their backyard to make it more appealing for the summers, one can find a variety of night-blooming flowers they can consider adding to their space. Further, to help one pick the best, here is the list of the top flowers that bloom at night.  

1. Dragon Fruit Flower

Dragon fruit flower is a special bloom that flourishes in the 10 and 11 zones and only once a year. Despite that, they are the most fragrant flower during the night. Further, one can even make use of the fruit in jam, candies and other desserts. 

2. Jasmine

Jasmine is a popular flower known as the night-blooming flower, which is quite fragrant. Those who are quite fond of flowers and great fragrances can consider planting this shrub near their patio, porch or window to enjoy an intoxicating fragrance during the summer nights.

3. Water Lilies

Water lilies are the night-blooming twilight available in crimson, pink, red and purple colors. These blooms against the dark floating in water make them more mysterious. Generally, the tropical lilies are enormous, and the size range of these blooms can vary from 2 to 12 diameters. So, if one gets eager to purchase them, they can find them online as many providers offer the water lilies in varieties. 

4. Nicotiana

Nicotiana or flowering tobacco can add a splash of color to the garden. It is said that when Nicotiana blooms at night, it has a strong aroma and is available in various colors like red, white, pink and pale green. All in all, it is an ideal night-blooming flower.

5. Primrose

The evening primrose plant is said to grow 3-5 feet tall. Its shaggy stems are both delicate and robust. Further, during July and August, the plant sprouts and has bright yellow flowers that bloom at night and are strongly scented. Further, the primroses plant is available in 145 varieties, so one can imagine the great texture, color and fragrance it could add to one's backyard. 

Thus, these are some night-blooming flowers that one can add to their house's backyard or balcony. However, if one needs more ideas on the same, they can consider browsing online or visiting an online flower store to find a variety of night-blooming flowers and pick themselves a suitable one. 

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