7 Vase Decorating Ideas with Fresh Cut Flower Arrangements

July 15, 2022

Fresh cut flowers direct from your garden blooms or beautiful colored flowers from a marvelous bouquet need to find their territory once they arrive in your living room. So, a classic vase with a bursting flower arrangement placed in the center of the hall is always inviting, although it needs a little finesse and professional help to create such stunning decoration vase.

We have compiled an aromatic list of simple flower arrangements to recreate flower vase decoration as told by the top florists. Have a look at the same:

1.      Mix Flowers

It’s the most loved idea to handsomely arrange elegant mixed flowers to decorate the vase placed on the mantelpiece. There are varieties of colors and themes that are awesome picks for vibrant flower arrangements. The best candidates are long-stemmed flowers like poppies, lilies, carnations, and little bright-colored buds that can be used as fillers. 

2.      Single Floral Arrangement

One flower placed in a narrow cylindrical flower vase is a style statement for minimalistic homes. So, the bud-vase floral arrangement is easy and quick, mostly loved for its clean look. So, just pick your favorite flower and let it reign the whole room with its supremacy.

3.      Same Species Flower Arrangement

Monochromatic flower arrangements are arranged symmetrically to create an aesthetic sense in a room. Different shades of one flower blend inside the glass vase to make single color synchronization. Whites, peaches, or pinks are the best bet for only one type of flower in a vase arrangement. 

4.      Unique Roses

A dozen roses displayed like a mound in a circular arrangement is a terrific eye-catching centerpiece for living rooms. Everyone takes pleasure to look at the roses placed at the coolest spot in a room with partial sunlight. A few tips for beginners include removing leaves and thorns and making a slant cut on the stems before arranging them in a vase that has water and flower food. 

5.      Greenery and Dahlias

The dahlias have a tender stem that looks for support from the neck of the vase. So, pick smiling dahlia flowers and some green mist flowers to make a crown arrangement.

6.      Purple Combination Flowers

Different purple flowers with large and conspicuous petals are a very popular choice for floral arrangements. These violets and deep magenta-tinged flowers have a serene and calming effect on the onlooker. There are a dozen of purple spring flowers like verbena, lilacs, rhododendron, and Candytuft that you can pick from and mix and match to prepare a stunning vase. Also, a hint of green and white small flowers can be touched here and there to create a live painting in a vase.

20 Purple Orchids Vase
Purple Orchids Vase

7.      Far-reaching Blooms

When you are expecting guests for a housewarming party, long-stemmed compound flowers like Gladiolus, Delphinium, and Freesias make a vase burst with warmth and excitement. The guests have the same impact when they look at the bold beauty of summer day flowers arranged in a sunshine manner.

All flower arrangements need fresh flowers available with online florists who promise the quickest deliveries. Also, they offer discounts on flower vase decoration to make your day lively and flower some.

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