Which 7 Emotions get Stirred in Women when She receives Different Flowers?

May 18, 2022

Women have been known to be more emotional than men in many scenarios. She expresses her emotions through tears and smiles in different situations. Flowers are an epitome of femininity if compared to the females in this universe. As many as 27 emotions play a vital role in the life of a human being but women show almost 7 of them strongly.

Although the shelf-life of flowers is insignificant, flowers leave a long-lasting and significant impression on the mind of the women who receive them. She always longs for sweet advancements from her lover who will pamper her by presenting a bouquet of carnations or roses. 

Here are 7 emotions that get stirred in women on getting flowers:

1. Love and Compassion

When a girl receives flowers from a boy, love and compassion are filled inside her sweet little heart. The love and warmth are sure to make her cheeks pink. Her heart thumps a little with compassion towards her lover. Impressing your girlfriend with 100 Red roses wrapped in silk paper is a homogenous choice for your first date. Also pink roses or lilacs presented to your lady love symbolize purity and innocence and will instill her love for you.

2. Internal Happiness

Knock, Knock! When there is a person from an online flower delivery service on your doormat, a woman's heart swells with joy when she holds a bouquet of peace lilies. It gives her internal happiness to receive surprise birthday gift from husband, lover, son, or brother. Similarly, other colorful flower arrangements are a perfect gift to woo her and make her blissful. 

3. Femininity

Flowers resemble women in many ways like femininity, fragility, and gracefulness. Flowers enhance femininity within the women as they have the same reproductive cycle as the women. Beautiful blooms in hues of pink and purple are perfect to inculcate feminine feelings in women.

4. Sex Appeal

It is extraordinary to get intimate flower bouquets from the love of your life just when the relationship has bloomed. Flowers have the power to stir the romantic feelings in a woman and enhance her sex appeal. Women are known to be more receptive to romantic advances in the presence of splendid vases of blue orchids around them. These flowers have the power and enough charge to enunciate those three words. 

5. Thoughtfulness

 Women keep mesmerizing many different moments spent together with the most handsome and caring man in their life. Chrysanthemums in hues of yellow, lavender-pink, and purple have the power to keep the cherished moments with each other in ever remembering mode. So, a fresh bouquet from an online florist will make your anniversaries and birthdays an unforgettable occasion. 

6. Mischief

Woman has this amazing sentiment of being mischievous when her admirer showers his love and pampers her with the best premium quality bouquet wrapped in golden and silver tissue silk paper. Lavender or Jasmine scents not only have soothing properties but also show mischievous ones. Indulging in some adventure with colorful flowers in basket around you is an enthralling experience.

7. Sentimental

Women have compassion towards certain objects or special days like no man can understand. The sentimental value attached to things and persons can reciprocate pleasant feelings in women if scented flowers are gifted on these special days.

In conclusion, flowers strongly convey the beauty and feelings in women. She gets highly emotional on receiving colorful flowers as gifts from their counterparts. So, don’t hold back and order her favorite flowers from the one that offers same-day flower delivery and has got trusted reviews from a florist review website.

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