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Uses of Rose Beyond Home Decoration and Gift Purpose

Whether you take a walk to the park or flower store, roses will come consistently in the appearance! Ever since its existence, rose has become the beloved flower amongst all because of the warmth and excess beautification attached to it. Velveteen like petals and color of love and affection- rose flower is the one found everywhere. But how can a flower like rose only be used in home decoration and gift purposes? Its versatile nature has much more to offer when it comes to the uses of fresh roses

5 Easiest Uses of Rose Flower You Can Benefit From

Apart from decoration and gifting, roses can have many other uses. We have listed 5 easiest uses of fresh roses that can cater you with some lifestyle improving hacks. Have a look:

Medicinal Use:

Roses have been used for their medicinal properties for thousands of years now. Rose petals are the carrier of high antioxidants helpful in treating many health ailments. Other than that, rose includes a mix of essential vitamins and minerals (key medicinal components). It acts as an antiseptic, antidepressant, antifungal, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, kidney tonic, digestive stimulant and menstrual regulator.

Culinary Use:

The rose family has over 130 species and thousands of cultivators. All roses are edible and can be used in tea, but some varieties are sweet while others are more bitter. Hence, fresh roses are extensively used as an aromatic food especially in sweets, exotic dishes, garnishing, ice-creams, herbal teas and as a flavoring agent.

Natural Skincare Remedy:

Rose flower managed to find its place in the skincare and beauty products easily because of its skin soothing properties found in it. Significant amount of vitamin C found in roses helps to increase the production of collagen. Thus, resulting in wrinkle-free and smooth skin. Other than that, numerous antioxidants in roses prevent the chances of skin cell damage. Thus, among the several uses of fresh roses, their role in skin care is very important.

Infused Oil & Perfumery:

Pleasant aroma and scent of fresh roses have always been the centre of attraction since ages. In fact, as per the several researchers, the infused rose oil, and essential oil has potential benefits. Such as rose infused and essential oil are highly suggested in aromatherapy since it’s an effective way to ease the pain and cramps. As the world of science proclaims, rose oil plays a crucial role in soothing most common symptoms of anxiety. Thus, they are one of the best flowers to reduce stress. Lastly, usage of rose infused oil and perfumery has shown positive results in treating increased heart rates & breathing rates and in supporting healthy blood oxygen & cortisol (happy hormones) levels.

Homemade Potpourri:

Don’t shed off the rose petals when you don’t find the next best use of it. Rather keep it and make homemade Potpourri with rose petals- a calming rose mix will create a lovely lingering scent all around your home. All of it is possible with a handful of dried rose petals, scented spices, essential oil and fixative. Seal the mixture in a jar and mellow it for the next 10 days. Enjoy the homemade rose potpourri.

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