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Top 5 Flower Myths that need to be Busted

Flowers are one of the finest creations of nature. Known to be the unspoken language of love, they are said to spread positivity and vibrance wherever they get placed. Moreover, they can liven up any dullest place and even play the role of mood enhancer. 

Despite such great benefits, many people feel skeptical about being around flowers. Well, to help them gain a fresh perspective, let’s bust some common flower myths associated with them.

Common Myths about Flowers

1) Flowers can Aggravate Allergies

There is no doubt that some allergies can get worse because of pollen. However, that doesn’t mean one must stop placing them in their house. One must understand that sneezing and itchy eyes are caused by pollen from trees and not by freshly cut blooms. Further, one can find various allergy-friendly flowers like hydrangeas and lilies in the market.

2) Cactus Flowers don’t need Water

Another popular one among flower myths that needs to be busted. No plant on earth can survive without water, and the cactus is not an exception. They might not need much water, but they surely need some. It is said that most of the cacti are required to be watered for at least a week.

3) One must not keep Flowers in the Bedroom

Many people believe in the fact that they should not keep flowers in the bedroom because of the fact that plants take oxygen at night. Well, one needs to understand that it will not lower the amount of oxygen required by them. So, one must get the prettiest flowers, place them beside the bed, and wake up to nature’s beauty.

4) Any type of Flowers are Available Anytime one Wants

Well, this fact is false. Not every flower needs to be available all year. Just like fruits, flowers have a season too. So, for those planning to get specific flowers to celebrate an occasion, one must check in first with the florist and then plan accordingly as per availability.

5) No Bouquet is complete without Roses

Many online florists are constantly bringing a change in the traditional idea of bouquets. Still, a lot of people believe that a romantic arrangement of flowers is never complete without roses, especially red ones. From bridal bouquets to the decor, roses seem to be a must. However, because roses are an exceptional bloom option, one must not forget that there are other options too that can make amazing bouquets.

Those who need an idea can search for bouquets made of tulips, hydrangeas, and dahlias to add charm to their beautiful setting. Further, this idea can be a great option for those who wish to beat the stereotype and get a bit creative.

Summing Up!

Flowers are amazing creations the human race has ever seen or witnessed. So, it’s best to embrace them in the most beautiful way without limiting the choices. And to get more info on the bloom options, one can visit an online flower shop right away.

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