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How to Surprise your Fiancée with a Birthday Gift?

Birthdays are always a joyous occasion and if it is your fiancée’s, then it is sure to double up the excitement. Are you thinking on what to give her? Why not take this opportunity to go out of your league and try something new to surprise her? Women love surprises and when they least expect you, it would be the perfect gift and an amazing way to bond over your shared love. So, here are some ways to throw romantic tantrums on your fiancée’s birthday.

Arrange a Birthday Gift on Her Office Desk

Is her birthday falling on a working day? Then, let us carry your surprise all the way to her office. Imagine the thousand-watt smile on her face when she sees a gift hamper neatly wrapped on her desk. But before that, pretend that you forgot her birthday and just casually render her morning greetings. Naturally, she would be pissed off but not for long. As soon as she stumbles upon the beautifully arranged flower bouquet on her desk, the sweet fragrance would lift her spirits and take away all her bitterness in a jiffy. The fresh cake, delectable chocolate box and a cute little gift would only elevate her mood and fill her with utmost happiness.

Give a Birthday Surprise at Her Apartment Door

Alternatively, why not surprise her at the apartment doorstep? Just as she wakes up and unlocks the door to collect her newspaper, the simple yet beautiful sight of you holding a bunch of flowers and balloons would surely kick start her day. Think of ways she would never have dreamed of and if needed, travel down to her city and witness her pleasant shock most genuinely.

Send a Sweet Courier to Her House

Now, don’t lose hope if you cannot make it for her special day. There is always a plan B and its success lies in how you plan it. You can always rely on courier services in Dubai or Sharjah to send her a special birthday gift. If you are physically separated from your fiancée, then her birthday is an excuse for you to uphold your love by gifting her with something that she adores the most. To add to the mystery and surprise, tie a ‘guess who’ message to the gift and let the confusion unravel itself on the go.

Plan Something Unique and Special

Who would even consider sending, lest think of receiving a greeting card nowadays? Let us go back to the good old times and detox ourselves from the digital world by posting a greeting card. As the card alights at her doorstep with her name ringing the birthday wishes, it would instantly light up her mood. Or catch a romantic date with her on this special occasion and give it a charming touch through a candle-light dinner. And for those travel enthusiasts, planning a short trip and spinning her off to an exotic place would be the ultimate gift that you can shower upon her.

As ways to surprise your fiancée is never-ending, your love for each other would also grow in abundance. Try out these unique gifting ideas for her birthday and let her smiles speak louder than the words.

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