Summer Shine

AED :  216

  • Chrysanthemum (White) Flowers Bouquet – 9 stems
  • Nuts Pack (Premium) – 800 gms

Product Description

Would you like to send a white chrysanthemum flowers and nuts box to a friend or relative? It may be difficult for you to buy both these items from the same shop and then carry them for delivery. That is where the online flower shop in Dubai comes to your help. They arrange 10 fresh chrysanthemum stems nicely with a brown wrapping and bring 800 grams of premium nuts box. Following the date and time range your gift of flowers and nuts reach the address. Whenever you are struggling to balance work and relationships, think of this great way of treating someone nicely.

Summer Shine is a flower bouquet that sets a lengthy, soft stalk and represents ‘glorious attractiveness’. These white chrysanthemum flowers are popular for its astounding beauty and virtue.  It is also considered that Summer Shine is the sign of Jesus renaissance, its trumpet like shape stands for conquest.  This bouquet looks very graceful and represents complete purity, virtue, good worth and divine beauty. As the sign of grace and charm it is certain to revamp any wedding bunch adding heavenly purity, loyalty and faith. As a gesture of pardon, this bouquet is an ideal way to express regret to someone. In the idiom of flower, it stands for ‘claiming worthiness’. Their unique shape and pure bloom color are marvelous creations that brides often opt for at their wedding. Thus, Summer Shine represents wholesomeness and virginity. Therefore, make use of online flower delivery to send this gift to someone in Dubai, Sharjah or Ajman, U.A.E. 


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