Stunning Display

AED :  342

Product Specifications

Style: Box Arrangement: Assortment of 30 white roses in a white round box.

Quality: Perfect pure white roses are freshly arranged in the box after receiving the order and just before the delivery. Shipping is in a temperature-controlled van directly from the shop to the recipient address.


Product Description

Make the traditional wedding flowers in a box and send as gift. Yes, we are talking about 30 white roses gift box!! People always look for something new and this gift is a must lookout. We arrange flowers in a stunning manner with medium price range and help to deliver at a specific venue. This gift represents not just a union of couples but of families, relatives and friends. It will also make bond everlasting and prepare them for a life full of love, success and happiness. No matter if you intend to gift for other occasions like anniversary or even birthday because it is a suitable option for event.

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