Spring Glory

AED :  349


  • 30 roses in 3 different colors arranged in pyramid shape
  • Red, pink and white roses in basket
  • Free delivery in Dubai and Sharjah from 10AM to 6PM

Product Description

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Spring Glory, an exquisite masterpiece, enchants with its Pyramid Shape flower basket. A gift of grandeur for momentous celebrations, it exudes opulent beauty and captivates the senses. The arrangement showcases 30 roses in three captivating hues, forming a pyramid-like structure that dazzles with its unique shape. Each rose, thoughtfully selected, adds a touch of elegance and charm. Let Spring Glory become the shining star, radiating joy and sophistication as the centerpiece of your cherished occasion. Allow this Pyramid Shape Flower Basket to be a symbol of your heartfelt appreciation and love, as you embrace the joy of giving and the profound impact of nature's enchanting gifts.

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