Gorgeous Hue

AED :  262

Product Specifications

Style: Bag Arrangement: An assortment of 18 roses bag consisting of 12 yellow, 5 white and 1 red rose in a bag.

Quality: Perfect roses are arranged in the bag along with fillers after receiving the order and just before the delivery. Shipping is in a temperature controlled van, directly from the shop to the recipient’s address.


Product Description

Make the small act of kindness by sending this 18 roses bag for your birthday special person to speak volumes of happiness and will build loyalty. It is a mesmerizing combination where 12 yellow roses, 5 white roses and a single red rose is placed at the center that make the occasion dazzling and cheer up your loved one. This bag of roses also forms a wonderful support system for your lovely sister who lend ears to every open feelings of yours. We arrange the roses in a way that is perfect to capture the instant limelight of the occasion. So, get this floral design from the reliable team of expert florists. We also make your handy gift delivery anywhere in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman.

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