Feel Joyful

AED  190

Product Specifications

Style: Bouquet Arrangement: Assorted 15 Red Roses with  Eucaliptus and suitable wrapping.

Quality: The shade of the roses arranged are the best to convey your romantic feelings to someone you love forever.

We are quite familiar that a red rose is an epitome of love and ardor. When it is about conveying romantic feelings to a person and we love deeply from the innermost of our hearts, this nature’s beauty assists us to express our feelings right away. The vivid red color of the red roses represents the deep and true love for someone which is absolutely unconditional. The feelings of love, romance, and care which summarize the red roses are indisputable. Thus, a bouquet of 15 red roses is the perfect gift to express love on Valentine’s Day or any other occasion.

As per the complex words of flowers, as it means and representation of flowers changes based on the number of stalks, the occurrence of spikes, variety, and the hues.

  • A full-bud single red rose represents “I love you”.
  • A red rose in the promising step symbolizes budding love or innocent affection.
  • A profound or shadowy red rose represents comatose exquisiteness.
  • A red rose without spikes conveys love always.

The importance of red roses transforms even when they are merged with other roses. When red roses come with white roses, they stand for eternal love. Red and yellow roses in a bunch indicate joyful love.

You can book 15 red roses bouquet via online from your home and get same-day delivery at your doorstep.