Dazzling Delight

AED :  262

Product Specifications

Style: Total 30 blooms of chrysanthemum, carnations, roses and iris are arranged in a willow basket with green ferns and foliage.

Quality: A basket of mixed flowers with 4/5 assorted colors that provides full energy and enthusiasm. Vibrant colors like red, yellow, blue and pink makes this basket extremely bright and greatly pleasing.

Best Purpose: For maintaining good relationship like wishing for happy occasions like birthdays.


Product Description

Convey the Basic Emotions through Mix Flowers Basket

One of the best ways to express emotions for maintaining a good relationship is by sending mixed flowers. You’ll quickly see the response of the recipient if you send something cool and fresh in Dubai as the Dazzling Delight. Surfing between joy and sorrow in life, these mixed flowers enable us to wish someone a happy birthday or anniversary. This basket of fresh flowers help to remove the negative feelings effectively with ease. For representation and delivery, this local florist has several years of experience. Thus, upon making an online order, expect the best gift to arrive on any occasion.

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