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How to Design Flower Garlands for 5 Important Celebrations?

Flower garlands can never be separated from ceremonies and the major life events that mark the commencement of something important. Garlands of various fragrant flowers find their place in adorning gods and goddesses. The famous statues of celebrated personalities who have given their lives to society and other respectable people who have attained a great place in this society are the recipients of expensive garlands.

In many cultures, beautiful garlands made with flowers like Roses, Tuberose, Jasmine, and Marigold are the symbol of purity, beauty, and love. People in every part of the world understand the language of flowers and their scent. Hence, these flower garlands transform a simple-looking place into a charming and decorative arena to invite your guests.

So, here we enlist the 5 types of uses of Flower Garlands

1.    Flower Garlands for Party Decorations

Flowers always convert a simple place into an alluring one with their fragrance and color. The main entrance of the homes and party halls are decorated with vibrant flowers. The auspiciousness of these garlands hung around the pillars and passages instill positive energy in the guests of the evening. Thus, it fills the visitors with the scent of happiness and hope. The opening and inauguration celebrations involving a new business or its venue are always graced with the use of designer garlands.

2.     Wedding Garlands for Sharing the Love 

Garlands are the first jewellery of the bride and bridegroom in many cultures for their wedding day. The lifespan of these attractive garlands is short-lived, but they are symbolic of strong ties. The exchange of elegant Wedding garlands consisting of Roses and tuberoses signifies trust among the couples. Also, many couples love to wear chaplets made from soft colored flowers that are flaunted on the head on such a crucial day.

3.     Garlands to Welcome Guests

The visitors bring a lot of emotions with them when they attend a grand celebration. When they are adorned with blue orchid garlands or white Plumeria ones while entering the venue, it is a thorough welcome gesture for the guests. Thus, making the guests feel connected to the excitement of the event in one go. 

4.     Auspicious Garlands for Adorning Deities

Garlands of various sweet-smelling flowers and pious leaves are offered to deities. It is one of the most important religious practices and beliefs to chant mantras and beautify the gods with flower garlands in orange, red, or yellow. The devotee can express his sentiments laden with purity and innocence through natural garlands that include “Holy Basil” leaves. He puts a garland on his deity or offers flowers to their feet to show his love and sacrifice. 

5.     Purity-laden Garlands for Photos of Loved Ones

After the sad demise of our loved ones, we pray that they find solace and peace in nature. We also decorate the photo frames of loved ones with garlands of fresh flowers that spell fragrance in every inch of the place. This is because the perishable nature of the garland is symbolic of the fragile nature of the human body and its sentiments. In addition, wreaths made from assorted white flowers are unique and customary.

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