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5 Miraculous Flowers That Help in Reducing Stress

How many times do you think of exposing yourself to nature when you are in stress? Our guess is “multiple times”! Either your office desk is full of work or you are simply tired of your daily chaos; once in a while we all think of taking a break and breathing in some freshness. No doubt, nature does more than just give us a view. What you see, it directly impacts your mood while stimulating the end results- good and bad. Hence exposing ourselves in nature is the right call, when stressed out. Flowers for that matter are one of the strongest aspects of nature that plays a crucial role in reducing stress.

Flowers help in boosting our mood and improving creative output. However, flowers also aid in relieving stress and anxiety. Numerous floral experts suggest a range of flowers to reduce stress that can be included in home or garden. Here is the list of flowers that you can bring home to create a stress-free environment and enhance your concentration.

5 Flowers You Must Bring Home That Help in Reducing Stress

Numerous studies show that flowers aid in reducing stress levels and in improving overall mental health. How? Constantly surrounded by nature helps us feel relaxed hence, stress-free. Here we have listed 5 easily available yet miraculous flowers to reduce stress and help you feel calm.  Embrace yourself to nurture and care for these flowers at your living area in home and see your stress levels going down!

  • Lavender: Lavender flower has been in the list of floral aromas for a long time now! Seeing its attractive purple color and petal structure is pleasing in itself. In fact, recently, lavender is in more use to treat stress and anxiety (Fresh lavender flowers are suggested). In addition, it creates a calming atmosphere while positively affecting our parasympathetic nervous system.
  • Chamomile: This daisy-like flower called chamomile is synonymous with the term “calm”, making it among well-known flowers to reduce stress. A study conducted in 2016 via a trusted source suggests that compounds found in chamomile flowers have long-term effects of significantly reducing moderate to severe symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder (GAD).
  • Jasmine: After several studies conducted by scientists; it concludes that the fragrance of jasmine has therapeutic benefits that can possibly reduce stress, anxiety, sleeplessness and other such disorders. The scent of jasmine flowers directly affects the brain/central nervous system while inducing a chemical called GABA. It results in calming nerves, soothing anxiety and in facilitating rest to your mental health.
  • Rose: Benefits of bringing roses at home or having it around you can act as a stress relieving nature’s aid. Research shows that it helps in increasing happiness and in reducing stress. Indeed, these naturally beautiful and soothing flowers induce relaxation and reduce the perceived stress.
  • Chrysanthemum: Chrysanthemum is more than a beautiful flower. Its lush and eye-catching petals are the abundant source of natural air purifier. Known to naturally brighten-up the space, these flowers bring a sense of calmness and joy to the home. Most importantly, it helps in lessening the symptoms of stress. Hence, said to create a positive environment!

Thus, we see that fresh flowers are a natural solution to reduce the day to stress. They purifies the senses and offer a pleasant atmosphere with the fragrance, beauty and color. So, it is advisable to contact your local or online florist to ask for a beautiful bunch of flowers.

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