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7 Popular and Ideal Flowers to Propose a Girl

Flowers are an important instrument that states “I love u” to maybe your valentine, your girlfriend or your wife. They never fail to impress the leading lady of your life. Every girl gets one chance in her life when the man of her dreams is thinking about proposing to her. She has a lot of expectations from her lover on the day of the proposal like the color of the bouquet, expensive gifts and size of the ring. Hey boys!! Don’t feel pressurized at all. Here is a list of the right flowers to propose that are going to elicit the word “yes, I love you too” from your beloved. One of them will surely match the personality and style of the girl you love more than yourself.



Rose scent and its red color are unique to love and compassion. The roses are the epitome of beauty and romance. So, don’t think twice and select this beautiful flower to propose to her. Also, pink and yellow roses too have an immense natural impact with a tinge of softness.


If the girl has an introverted nature, the pastel-colored carnations can be the best proposal flowers for her. A cheerful flower by nature can work wonders if combined with a hand-filled note that says all the lovely words to her. The soft-hued tones are sure to melt her heart and she will be ready to be your life partner.


Don’t underestimate the power of this flower that is omnipresent in every continent. Tulips are nowadays more appropriate for D-day as it is available in a variety of colors and it doesn’t have thorns. So, just be ready with a bouquet of pink or red tulips. Stir her heart so that she says the three words that you are dying to hear.


In the modern world the lives of the lovebirds are ruled with sentiments and technology. A rage for finding “a new flower for proposing a girl” has given orchids this new rank. Orchids have a strong impact on a femme fatale. Blue or pink orchids, both are a great choice and are ready to send a strong love message to your girlfriend.


Daisies are popularly known as innocent flowers. So, grab a bouquet of Gerbera daisies and propose your love innocently to the cute doe-eyed girl who has eyes filled with affection and cheerfulness.


If you are looking forward to changing the status of your casual relationship to a committed one, lilies must be your first choice. This flower has the significance of strong bonding and ties. So, for a special journey in the future, starting with a flower as pure as lily is an awesome idea.

Blue Iris

You will be enthralled by the beauty of the iris. For great first impressions, one must choose the most unique flower to propose like iris. In case you are hesitant or nervous, hold the flowers close to your heart filled with love and propose to her. Let the flowers do all the work of transforming her heart.

The colors and scent of lovely flowers are bound to make your proposal a success. Thus, make sure to share your success story with us.  

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