07 Jul 22 By Real Flowers

Check out the List of the Fast-Growing Flowers

Many people love growing their garden, but sometimes this hobby can be hard when one needs to wait months to witness their work’s results. Luckily, there are a variety of fast-growing flowers that can produce some stunning-looking blooms in just a week. So, with some extra love and care, one can create a beautiful garden right away.

Further, to help one witness the quick results, here is the list of some fast-growing flowers that one can consider including in their garden. Check it out!!

1) Cornflower

Cornflower or bachelor’s buttons are resilient blooms that can add a blast of blue to one’s backyard. Further, ruffled petals offer a unique aroma that attracts various butterflies, bees, and pollinators. To plant them, place the seeds in full sun and moist soil to see the results in a week. 

2) Cosmos

These blooms are literally amazing. These blooms are delicate and elegant and can be a beautiful addition to the garden. Though these blooms grow fast, they are at their best in the summertime. So, this bloom is a perfect option for beginner gardeners. 

3) Morning Glory

This particular flower is the most preferred blooms by gardeners. One can find these flowers blooming from the early summer till the first frost. Further, this particular bloom is available in different arrays of colors like pink, white, magenta and indigo. And as the morning glory loves to climb, it is suggested that one places them near an arch or a fence. 

4) Nigella

Commonly known as “love-in-a-mist,” these blooms grow during the early spring and start blooming in the early summer. These flowers are available in bright blue color and are planted in well-drained soil. Further, it is recommended that one place this plant in the partial shade or full sun for proper growth. This flower option is perfect for those looking for dried flower arrangements. 

5) Petunia

Those looking for a perfume-scented flower can consider getting a petunia. These are the fast-growing flowers that have a unique fragrance and come in a variety of colors. Further, growing this bloom is easy and is even good pest resistant. Though these blooms do well in the garden, they can be a great addition to the hanging flower baskets

6) Sunflower

Sunflowers are known as garden staples. These blooms for a new home are said to brighten the outdoor space and add a uniqueness to one’s house exterior. And as the name suggests, these blooms require at least six hours of direct sunlight to grow properly. To grow them properly, one needs a well-drained location with loose soil, and they are all set. 

7) Sweet Pea

Known for their amazing scent, sweet peas are climbers and do great when planted near a fence, arch or trellis. Generally, when one pictures a sweet pea, they often think of a bright pink flower, but in reality, they are available in various color options. And as this bloom needs the direct sun for six hours, it is suggested to plant them in a sunny spot. 

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