03 Mar 22 By Real Flowers

How to use Dried Flowers at Home?

Flowers are the essentials of nature that serve the purpose of bringing freshness and nature like breeze at your home! They are refreshing when bloomy and alive. Such flowers can also be used when dried. Needless to say, once you bring flowers at home, these nature essentials do their best to keep the breeze alive till last. And since we love flowers unconditionally, we decided to write a guide discussing “how to use dried flowers at home”! This way, you can make the best out of your purchase of flowers. Thus, we can be happy about the fact that these beauties of nature served more than expected.


5 Creative Ideas to Use Dried Flowers at Home

There are plentiful ways to repurpose dried flowers instead of dumping them in the bin. Listed are the ideas allowing you to be creative and come up with your own creativity to use them. Have a look:

●       Flower Teas: Interestingly, all teas do not derive from herbs and tea-based plants. Now for centuries, flowers have been used as teas, to make medicinal brews & concoctions. Dried flowers like chamomile, lavender, rose and jasmine can make delicious and exquisite flower teas. Such teas have their own essence, medicinal properties and taste. Alongside, flower teas are the combination of soothing and aromatic blend.

●       Art (Restore the Nature): Everybody looks for ways to preserve flowers for a longer time. Even dried flowers can  preserve!  You can press the dried flowers in between the book and frame it a glass frame once it is thinly pressed. Simply lay the dried flower petals in the frame and close it safely. Restoring nature in such an artistic form will give your room a new makeover by simply laying the dried flowers in the frame.

●       Room Spray: You can make a natural and home-made room spray with the help of dried flowers using essential oils and alcohol. This quick and easy idea will leave you with an organic scent formula. Add dried flowers in the bottle. Fill a spray bottle with distilled water. Then, add 15-30 drops of your favorite essential oil(s) and a few drops of alcohol. At last, shake it well before using.

●       Potpourri: Potpourri is a mixture of dried flower petals and spices placed in a small container. This enables the scent of flowers to spread across the room in an amazing way. Hence, it can be more effective if you add some sweet-smelling essential oils. You can put the potpourri mixture in a sachet or mason jar. Or else use some small containers in a way you can close it when you have used it for the day. It is pretty simple to arrange these flowers for the living area. It give nice smell and also look nice while brightening up the room.

●       Compost Them: Simplest way to make the best use of dried flowers is to compost them. Most flowers and the parts are good to use as compost ingredients. Therefore, compost made from flowers is an organic soil enrichment that you can achieve at home. For that, separate the flower petals from the steam and toss them in a compost heap contained in bin or pit. 

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