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Chrysanthemum Flowers as Birthday Gift in November

It’s November, the birth month of Chrysanthemum flowers! So, if someone special’s birthday is arriving this season, look no further and buy a beautiful bouquet of chrysanthemums as a birthday gift. But wait! We’re discussing this beautiful flower. It’s only fair if we learn the hidden meaning behind it and what significance it holds in life.

Chrysanthemum flowers are cheerful, colorful, and simply soothing to look at. They are associated with legends and myths around the world and in some cultures, the particular flower is given a lot of importance and is put on a pedestal.

Let’s talk about Chinese culture. There, these flowers come in the list of four gentlemen and represents a symbol of a good life. Every year on the 9th of September, Chinese people drink chrysanthemum tea for happiness and health.

Known as November Birth Month Flower

November is finally here and people born in this month are excited! Did you know that every month had its birth flower? This particular flower talks about the characteristics and personality of the people born in that month. Chrysanthemum is the birth flower of November and associates with long life, love, and optimism. Therefore, if you know any November-born, you’d find their personality to be humble, attractive, diligent, and modest. They come across as calm, collected, and loyal till the end. According to Buddhism, Chrysanthemum emits active energy (Yang). The religion believes this flower prevents Grey hair.

Associated with Long Age, Happiness, Joy, and New Beginnings

Chrysanthemum flowers have different meanings in different religions. Some consider them to be the symbol of a good life, joy, and happiness. Others also feel that November’s birth flower is a symbol of new beginnings, warding off evil eyes, joy, and long life. These flowers come in several colors and each one holds a special meaning. If you’re planning to send chrysanthemums as a birthday gift to your loved ones, here is the perfect guide from an online flower delivery shop.

Comes in a Variety of Colors

Chrysanthemums are considered to be perfect as all the petals are spread cleanly and nicely. These November flowers come in these mesmerizing colors –
 Pink: The color is associated with romance and love. So, if you want to surprise your partner, that’s a perfect choice!
 Red: The color symbolizes passionate love and says “I love you” without words. It is ideal for romantic moments.
 White: The color is a symbol of loyalty, purity, and innocence. It can represented as a new friendship as well.
 Yellow: The color is associated with joy and happiness. Make your friend’s day brighter with a yellow chrysanthemum bouquet!

Associated Meanings with the Flower Count

We didn’t know but the flower count holds a lot of significance in a chrysanthemum bouquet. Let’s check out –
1 – First sight love
2 – Be mine
3 – I love you
5 – She/he’s special
10 – She/he’s perfect
13 – I love you forever

So, while you curate the perfect bunch of chrysanthemum flowers, always make sure it has the right count! Give these beautiful flowers to your November friends/partners celebrating birthday. You can also send these flowers on the birth date using same day delivery service offered by a reliable florist online.

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