The Process of Delivering Flower Gifts by an Online Florist

July 28, 2018

In this fast-paced life, there is not enough time to spend on anything; everyone wishes to get all the things on their fingertip. The concept of delivering flower gifts online made a big impact in society because it is a blessing for those who lead busy life. The online florist helps delivering flower gifts for all kinds of occasions in advance or on the same day. Thus, the online flower delivery will go through 4-processes, which are:

Order Online

This is really simple, as all that needs to be done is to use a search engine and obtain a list of websites of different online service providers. Test a number of online flower delivery services and compare them according to their selection, pricing, and services. It also pays to check out the customer reviews and use to narrow down your choices. However, take care while selecting the ideal shop by checking the reliability and experience.

Steps to Order a Flower Gift Online:-

  1. Select your product from a variety of categories.
  2. Select the add-on items you like to add with the flower gift.
  3. Verify the cart and proceed to checkout.
  4. Provide recipient information for delivering flower gifts.
  5. Pay online using credit/debit card or if you are using PayPal continue with PayPal and some of the online florists provide cash on delivery options.
  6. Finalize your order by receiving the confirmation email.

order processing

Processing Order

Before processing the order, the support department will have to confirm whether the payment is on hold or processed already. If any of these conditions occurs, the corresponding support team will rectify the problem. Once the order has been placed successfully, the admin will review and confirm that everything is correct. They want to make sure that we are exceeding expectations, not creating potential issues. The admin will check lead times, verify the packaging of items, identify any challenges in delivering flower gifts, check for potential cost savings in shipping etc. If there are any issues related to the availability of the product, they will let you know by email before processing the order. If everything is perfect, the admin will hand over the product and delivery details to the florist to prepare the item.

Image of crafting flowers

Crafting the gift

Crafting is the main part of the online flower delivery system because this part will determine the quality and trust of the service. From a customer point of view, they order the gift based on the pictures and descriptions on the website. The crafting team has to make sure to avoid variations of the actual product from the picture in the website. If a major variation occurs from the image on the site, then it will be a reason to lose trust in your service.

As soon as the product details have been received, the florist will start working on it as per the delivery date. Crafting a flower gift is not that simple because the gift needs to possess the capability of conveying the message of the sender. Most florists keep flowers fresh and ensure that they don’t sit around long in their shops and they follow the principle of FIFO (first in first out) commonly. After crafting the personalized gift as per the requirement, they will hand over the same to the delivery team.

Flower delivery


Now, the last and most important phase of delivering flower gifts to the recipient on a specific date and time range need special attention. If any delay occurs while delivering the order, it will become a negative factor in the entire business. Customers will lose faith in the online florist and it is really difficult to regain them. Moreover, online florist offers same-day delivery and it is a unique concept that lets you book flowers or other personalized gifts. If you are late or want to surprise your loved ones on their birthday or anniversary, utilize the same-day delivery option.

The delivery team will analyze the date, time, and recipient details before making the delivery. If the sender needs an urgent flower delivery in Dubai or Sharjah, a local shop online can do it within 3 to 4 hours. Usually, they will call the recipient before delivery and confirm if the recipient is available to receive the gift. If the recipient is not available, we will contact the sender from customer care. A second attempt can be made either on the same day or on the next business day. The sender will receive a confirmation mail from the shop, after completing the delivery. However, it is always advisable to check the FAQ page of the online shop before proceeding with the order.

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