How to Beautify your Home Naturally with Indoor Plants

November 28, 2020

Indoor plants are one of the most gratifying ways to embellish your house. These green companions will revitalize the mood and energy of your habitat. Here are some tips to get you started.

Select and Arrange Suitable Pots

The selection of pots is not limited to aesthetics. Pick a pot that suits the size of the plant you want to grow. Ideally, the pot should be an inch wider than the root mass. This is because the plants will get pot-bound and wither as smaller pots can’t hold enough soil to maintain the necessary moisture. The arrangement should be based on the shape, material and size of the pot and should complement that of your interior.

Create Suitable Spaces for Indoor Plants

These leafy friends need their comfort zones. This can be the tabletop, the floor, the window sills or the balcony. Ensure that the place you have selected aligns with the growth needs of your plants. Placing them in an unfavorable spot can stun their growth and even cause them to wither. You should also place them in tune with the other decors of the house. Same as there are fragrant ferns and flowers for decoration, indoor plants also add to the natural elegance of the room.

Select Suitable Plants for Rooms & Balcony

Some plants need lots of sunlight to thrive while others barely need any. Look for shade-tolerant plants like lucky bamboo or lady palm for low-lit rooms. Lighter and weak stem plants should be protected from strong winds. Hanging plants on a windy balcony might not be a good idea. Most plants release oxygen during the day and carbon dioxide at night. Some like the orchid and the snake plant work the other way round. For this reason, they are a perfect choice for bedrooms. You might want to keep flowery plants away from your interiors if you are allergic to pollen or have respiratory issues. Money plants and peace lilies are other common types of indoor plants.

Find Stands that can Hold Multiple Plant Pots

Stands can provide the best display of your plants. Those that hold multiple pots are a perfect choice if you grow various plants. They come in a variety of styles. The pedestal model will provide a classical look. Whereas rack-shelf designs such as ladders and roller carts are suited for a modern appearance. If you do not have enough space to install a stand, consider a hanging wall shelf.

Find Ways to Mix Colors and Textures for Appearance

Plants bring color to your life, also in the literal sense. Although primarily green, they come in all vibrant hues. The best color is the one that matches the paint whether it is for your home or the space of your office. Plant texture can add to the depth of your interior design. Succulents and cactus are more solid visually. The waxy leaves of the plants like pothos will smoothen the ambiance.

Take Best Care of Indoor Plants

Different types of plants demand different methods of tending. Therefore, take time to learn about the plants that you want to grow. Ensure that the soil retains sufficient moisture but beware of over-watering. Prune the plants regularly by cutting off dead leaves and stems. Fertilize the soil as required to keep the plants happy. Similarly, when someone sends a plant as a gift for you, take the best care of it so that it can live longer.

If you are just getting started with interior vegetation or are low on time, it is best to go for low-maintenance options like the cactus. Plants like Orchids and Azalea demand a lot of attention and care. If you want to diversify, do so gradually.

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