Which Flowers Are Best for Housewarming Gifts?

July 29, 2022

Has anyone from your family or friends purchased a new home? If yes, then it calls for a celebration. Soon you might even get invited to their housewarming party too. But, have you wondered what you are going to gift them on this special occasion? Nothing could be better than a floral arrangement to make the new place feel like home. So, if you are recently invited to a housewarming party and are confused about the gift option, you can consider getting flowers. 

Fresh flowers are something that is acceptable to everyone. It even makes the new place appear warmer and welcoming, which is exactly the goal of such gifts. So, if you are considering giving flowers as a housewarming gift, then here are the top picks below.

a) Tulips

Tulips are beautiful and are admired by many people. And as this bloom is known for representing the arrival of spring which also signifies to the host that a new spring is here in the form of a new house. Further, if you are confused with the color options, you can consider picking yellow tulips as they represent that the new house will be warm and sunny. 

b) Roses

Roses are the universal symbol of good wishes, praise, and love. And with roses being available in various color options, it is considered a versatile gift. So, this means you can easily substitute the red flowers with peach and yellow roses. This is because they represent achievement and appreciation. 

c) Lilies

These are brightly colored flowers and are also known to be May birth flowers. And as lilies appear to be magnificent and classy, this is the reason why lilies are considered the best choice for housewarming. Moreover, these flowers signify cheerfulness and happiness when congratulating someone on their new house.

d) Hydrangeas

They are beautiful summer flowers that are available in several colors like white, purple, pink, blue, and more. For a housewarming gift, you can get a bouquet made out of different colored hydrangea blooms and gift it to the host to brighten up the space. You can even gift the purple and pink hydrangeas separately to show achievement and appreciation to the new house owner.

e) Green Buttons

Green buttons or Pompons are round-shaped flowers with beautiful small petals which encircle and cover the central disc making it invisible. Popularly known for their distinct globe shape, these green flowers signify a new start and abundance and are a perfect housewarming gift option.

Final Words

Indeed, flowers are one of the best housewarming gifts. They not only make the house owners comfortable in the new surroundings but quickly transform the beauty of the space. Also, they are known for bringing much joy and new life to the new space. So, next time, if you are invited to a housewarming party in Dubai or Sharjah, do gift the host with any of these amazing flowers to celebrate and offer them good wishes for the new beginning. 

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