Major Holidays from July to December in the UAE to Send Gifts to Dear Ones 

August 6, 2022

Festivities come with joyous beginnings and family get together. When one wants to show their gratitude and love towards their loved ones, sending gifts on holidays always impresses them and spreads happiness.

It is difficult to select a perfect gift for your family members, friends, or business associate, everyone will love and cherish a heartfelt present. Thus, never forget to amalgamate feelings and thoughtfulness while sending gifts to loved ones.

So, here we have the major holidays from July to December in the UAE to send gifts to your dear ones: 

1. Eid Al Adha (July 9 to 11)

It is a sacred holiday that focuses on the conclusion of Hajji Pilgrimage. Families celebrate this occasion with heartfelt offerings of food to the poor and needy people. It is a day to re-enact Abraham’s sacrifice by offering donations and also livestock sacrifice. People indulge in decorating houses, mosques, and other public places to celebrate this auspicious day. Apart from real cash tucked in cute envelopes, personalized gifts are always welcome on this day. Gift suggestion is loaded with innumerable options like flowers, fruit baskets, sweet gourmet baskets, etc.

2. Hijri New Year (30 July)

It is a holy festival to commemorate the migration of the Prophet to the city of Medina. It is well known as Islamic New Year and it is a day of fun and frolic with close acquaintances. People of UAE share many lavish gifts on this holiday like assorted dates in decorative boxes, fruit baskets, theme cheese boxes, bouquets, and many more to show their affection and purity in relations.

3. Prophet Muhammad's Birthday (8 October)

Public places and mosques are well adorned with candles and colorful banners on the celebration of the day of Prophet Muhammad's birth. Children and adults are filled with enthusiasm for exchanging gifts to commemorate the birth date. Special cakes and flower bouquets combos ordered from the online florist are well-received gifts when you are visiting your loved ones. 

4. National Day (1 December to 3 December)

Independence Day of UAE or Al-Eid al-Watani is a day of historical significance for everyone who is a proud citizen. This is the most important holiday if we talk about celebrating the peaceful independence of this country and its inhabitants from all parts of the world. There are community gatherings, gifting galore, and scrumptious local food in major cities like Dubai. They celebrate it with pomp and show. 

5. New Year's Eve (December 31)

New Year is the most awaited time of the year with celebrations and resolutions taking rounds around the world. Every community celebrates New Years’ eve with cheerfulness and sincerity. Big fireworks and private parties are the talks of the evening. People from all classes in major cities like Dubai have a gala time with close-knit friends during family feasts. Welcoming gifts with assorted chocolates, sweets, tea coffee gifts, and flower baskets are trendy and most loved.


There are many opportunities and reasons to give impactful gifts on holidays to shower your love on your loving family members and friends. So, order online or go shopping for appropriate and tasteful gifts.

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