Which Flowers are the Best and Worst for Allergy Sufferers?

November 26, 2022

Fresh flowers are something that many people around the world love. However, a few people often don't get a chance to enjoy the beautiful blooms because of pollen allergies. Those who suffer from pollen allergy often fail to enjoy the outdoors fully and even hesitate to bring cut flowers home.
Luckily, if one has the proper knowledge, one can find blooms that won't make one sneeze. Further, there are a variety of flowers that don't irritate people who suffer from allergies. So, to help one brighten up their home with flowers or to give as a gift option for any occasion, here are some options on flowers for allergy sufferers that would be perfect. 

Best Flowers to Shop for Allergy Sufferers

1. Daffodil
These springtime blooms are unique and are said to bring a bright pop to any bouquet. They are said to produce less pollen, which makes them one of the perfect flowers for allergy sufferers.

2. Orchid
Orchids are flowers with modern appeal and sophistication, which makes them a lovely decoration option for the office and other sleek spaces. And as these flowers produce less pollen, one can enjoy them without worrying about the risk of reaction. 

3. Iris
The irises are best known and loved for their lavender and deep purple blooms. Known for their unique lily-like shape, these blooms make a perfect addition to traditional bouquets. And in the case of pollen-allergic people, these flowers might produce heavy pollen, but it's often trapped inside the long petals. Thus, it cannot harm even the most sensitive allergic sufferers.

4. Rose 
For those unfamiliar, these classic and elegant flowers are allergen-free. In other words, roses are self-pollinating flowers that produce a sweet fragrance without generating airborne pollen.

5. Tulip

Tulip is a spring bloom that is large, showy, and bright in color. Further, these flowers are self-pollinating, so it doesn't require the pollen to travel several feet away. Thus, making them a perfect flower gift option for allergic people. 

Flowers to Avoid for the Allergy Sufferers

1. Lilies
Available in variety, lilies have heavy pollen that is often carried by insects, so it often poses less threat to people who suffer from allergies. Also, a few lilies have a strong fragrance, so one can reconsider their option and pick the less fragrant one. 

2. Chamomile
For those unfamiliar, this flower produces a lot of pollen and might even contain a few irritants when dried and included in tea. And for those who suffer from severe pollen allergies, there are chances they may experience mild reactions. 

3. Sunflower
Known as the classic summer symbol, these flowers are loaded with pollen that can cause severe irritation to the people who are allergic to the pollen. 

4. Daisy
These flowers might wind pollinate but are very high pollen producers. So, one must consider twice before presenting it to some, especially those who are pollen allergic. 

5. Baby's Breath
These flowers might look tiny, but they are the allergy punch. If you wish to avoid using gypsophila (baby's breath) in a bouquet or arrangement, it is always better to specify while ordering flowers online. Florists may use rich foliage instead of baby's breath and make the arrangement look great. 

6. Dahlia
Another popular variety of the daisy family is known for producing a lot of pollen. So, those who are allergic and still wish to decorate their space using this bloom can consider the hybrid version of it.

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