Guide to Acceptance of Different Flower Gifts in Different Countries

December 28, 2022

Flowers are significant and naturally soothing with a sweet scent. Therefore charming flower bouquets are the best gifts around the world. Not only for traditional ceremonies, but the flowers are also gifted on special occasions, birthdays, casual meetings, or funerals. It is known that different countries have different cultural norms related to presenting flower gifts. Flowers share common meanings around the world. But there are some symbolic floral meanings and social stigma associated with flowers in different countries.

So, if you have thought of gifting and communicating through flowers in different parts of the world, here is a comprehensive guide to picking the right flowers from a florist:

1. Floral Gifts in Egypt

In Egypt, people gift flowers to the sick person, as a wedding gift, or at a funeral. For wedding ceremonies, a basket of Water lilies, Roses, and Chrysanthemums is the best flower arrangement. But if you are attending a funeral, pick the brightest flower bouquets to show your condolences for the passed soul.

2. Occasional Flower Gifts in the UAE

In the United Arab Emirates, people prefer light-colored flowers for fortunate occasions like birthdays, weddings, and engagements. Fresh flower arrangements that use roses, orchids, gerberas, and peonies are popular for online flower delivery in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

3. Flowers for Chinese Culture

Flowers or gifts have a lot of significance in China. A well-wrapped flower bouquet presented on special occasions means that person is expressing their love and gratitude. Sunflowers and Carnation blooms have the symbolic meaning of showing their respect while White flowers or Chrysanthemums are mourning flowers intended to honor the dead.

4. Helpful Hints for Japanese Flowers

Japan is a traditional country where the symbolic meaning of flowers plays an important role. If you are visiting a hospital to meet an acquaintance, taking floral bouquets is customary. Red roses are for romantic meetings and red carnations are for mothers and family. A fancy bouquet of Bluebells is meant for expressing gratitude and white flowers are mourning flowers.

5. Flowers as Gifts in Russia

Russia is a cultural land where a perfect lover present flowers, a single stem of rose to be specific, to their beloved on every special day. Flowers in odd numbers like 13 are unlucky for a funeral. Floral bouquets in subtle colors like pink and blue are most preferred for young women.

6. Impressive Flower Gifts in the USA

Flowers are a perfect birthday present for people of all age groups. They exchange even large bouquets extensively during Christmas in the USA. Women fell in love with assorted fresh roses in vivid colors like pink, peach, white and yellow for any special day. You can find a large bunch of Peonies to gift your friends as it is symbolic of innocence and purity here.

7. Gifting Flowers in India

Flower gifting makes the occasions memorable and fills hearts with a lot of warmth. The roses are the king of flowers for any occasion in India without second thoughts. Fresh Carnations ordered from online florists are symbols of purity, friendship, and platonic love.


Don’t get entangled in a decision to pick flowers, but follow your heart and thus pick the prettiest ones from an online florist website for your loved ones.

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