How To Take Care Of Breathtaking Bouquets Received Today?

July 21, 2022

The blooms received on the doorstep are an indication of pure love, care and sincerity of the sender towards the one getting all the blessings and attention on that day. Although you want to keep the fleeting beauty of red and purple flowers to last for many days, they start to show signs of wilting on the next day itself. But don't lose the precious moments to fade away with the glory of the vibrant blooms. You can keep them garden-fresh for days to come by taking care of the breathtaking flowers.

Here are six simple ways to take care of the breathtaking flowers that you want to keep looking fresh:

Gently Removing Decorations

The silk paper wrapping or glitter threads hanging here and there are the decorations that enhance the beauty of the handmade bouquets. It is always advised to remove the packing of the flower arrangements. Then, cut away any tape and ties carefully without damaging the floral stems.

 Trimming Flower Twigs

The flower stems are cleanly cut at an angle of 45 degrees using sharp shears for maximum water absorption. Follow this procedure underwater if possible. This diagonal trimming of flower twigs is a must-do every two to three days as it allows for uninterrupted water intake due to the removal of rotten stem parts.

Submerge in a Vase of Clean Water

The water is filled in your favorite vase up to three-quarters full. This fluid is going to give the rest of the life to these flowers. The water at room temperature is appropriate for the floral bouquet that is sitting on your table. Keep an eye on the water level as it is important to refill the water when the flowers have absorbed some. It is crucial to change the water every three days as dirty water will have a bad impact on plants.

Include Flower Food

The flower food is available in sachets from any garden supply vendor. It contains an excellent mix of sugars, an acidifier and germicide. Introducing a packet of pre-packaged fertilizer to the vase by following simple instructions is an easy way to keep flowers fresh for a longer period. A DIY water solution with three teaspoons of different ingredients—one spoon of sugar, another of apple cider vinegar, and the last bleach powder—prepared at home can be added instead of the flower food.

Providing Some Light

When indirect sunlight falls on the flowers, it will energize them, but ensure that the vase is not placed in a sunny spot. Freshly cut hyacinths, dahlias, and roses need a little sunlight to reflect their color. Also, it need a cool temperature surrounding them to live longer.

Remove Yellow Leaves

The water in the container will remain clean only if the yellow leaves are removed beforehand. The leaves submerged under the waterline tend to rot and also initiate microbial and algal growth. Hence, it is advised to prune the petals or leaves that have rotted. Even the blooms that change color or expire must be removed regularly to keep the other flowers fresh.

All these steps will ensure that the charming flowers are arrived from the good florist. They will find their admirer in a happy state for a few weeks.

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