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7 Gen-Y Ideas for Use of Flowers in Hair Accessories

Wearing hair accessories is the hottest trend in the festive season. The scent and charisma of flowers in the hair are unbeatable. It is customary in many parts of the world to use flowers in braids and headpieces as cultural significance. When the beautifully crafted and styled hair is adorned with flower accessories, the aura of the colorful flowers will mesmerize the onlooker.

Here are the 7 gen-Y ideas that use different flowers in hair accessories to beautify them:

 1. Tucking Roses Linearly in the Bun

Hair artists around the world have designed hair with crimson red roses to represent wedding reception looks. The red roses arranged linearly in a bun or mermaid braid are adored by women as they complement the bridal makeup very well. Buying fresh roses from an online florist to complete a drop-dead gorgeous look is a good option if you are running out of time.

 2. White Filler Flowers for the Bride’s Braid

If you are looking for a romantic bridal hairdo, adding white filler flowers on a fish braid is the best way to accentuate a simple and stylish look. It goes with the backless wedding gown or a dress designed in sheer fabrics. The cultural touch in wedding hairdos comes from beautiful minuscule white flowers tucked in a bun.

 3. Carnations as Hair Accessories

Fashionable hair makeups include a variety of fresh flowers like carnations and hydrangeas. The use of floral hair accessories is the latest trend when you want to look stunning at your best friend’s wedding. A red carnation tucked behind an ear makes a fashion statement.

 4. Pink Orchid’s Hair Clip

Orchids are expensive flowers that are pinned in a high bun to create that extra oomph factor. For weddings or runways, the orchid flowers have always been an inspiration for designers. They are the surprise element in your attire that creates the magical moments that come true.

 5. Hawaiian look with Frangipani or Plumeria

For pretty ladies out there, a dash of Plumeria or Frangipani in the hair concludes your Hawaiian look effortlessly. The wonderful smell and delicate petals of these flowers trigger the memories of a tropical vacation. Hence, wearing a Plumeria flower symbolizes a woman’s romantic status.

 6. Jasmine Gajra for Braids or Buns

A garland of jasmine flowers is woven in a “Gajra” to accessorize the buns and braids. It is an ancient method when women of every age group adorn themselves to look pretty.

 7. Daisy Flower Headbands or Crown

The flower crowns are a symbol of one’s creativity, tradition, and cultural accomplishments. A white daisy headband intertwined with green rosemary and lavender, and some grasses are attractive for any festive occasion. The matching flower crown that rests on the hair will enhance the attire for ceremonies and beauty pageants.

The flowers in hair accessories are perfect that leave a fragrant smell in the hair and beat the boring artificial look as well. Gathering such ideas from a florist shop in Dubai will really help glam up the look. Thus, your hair will become your crowning glory.

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