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6 Amazing Literature Work on Flowers By Famous Authors

Scholars and literary authors from every era have been writing about flowers and gardens. The seeds of flowers are sown in the pages of classic books by many celebrated writers. So, the readers can smell the scent of beautiful blooms through the pale pages of a poem that depicts true love or deceit. Every flower had a different symbolism and meaning attached to it. Check the following literature works on flowers:

 1. Robert Frost -‘Flower-Gathering’

He was a famous American poet “Robert Frost”(1874-1963) who used obscure poetic language. This is one of the literary works on flowers which is a simple one that has Frost’s enchanting style to describe a man’s walk to pick flowers for his wife. Also, the poem has beautiful metaphors and comparisons depicting nature’s imagery.

 2. Alfred, Lord Tennyson -‘The Flower’

This was a well-written poem in the 19th century by a famous poet named Alfred Tennyson. This poem was used by him to attack his critics who used to scorn his work. On the positive side, the poem has references where he uses metaphors of sowing seeds and nurturing them just like the creation of poetry. The literary work explains how his poems were cursed, and the flower was identified as a weed. But when the flower grew, it emerged as a splendid piece of art and was praised by the public.

 3. William Wordsworth- ‘I wandered lonely as a cloud’

A heartwarming poem by William Wordsworth about nature depicts fields of yellow Daffodil flowers under floating clouds. It is a romantic poem where the poet encounters thousands of joyous flowers. The poet loved smiling daffodils that were scattered around the land and danced till the eyes could see. The poet’s heart was filled with pleasure and the long-lasting impact of “golden daffodils”.

 4. Percy Shelley – ‘The Flower That Smiles Today

Percy Shelly was a second-generation romantic poet who wrote an account of the bravery of a flower. The flowers are short-lived, so we use them to emphasize the fragility of good things in our life. The desires, love, and beauty is not permanent, and thus the significance of good things is not very high in our world as it is depicted.

 5. Edward Thomas – ‘Tall Nettles’

It is a poem based on nature by Edward Thomas. The poem has unexpected mentions when the poet likes the beautiful blooming flowers, but loves the dust on common grass and enjoys seeing them. The poet wants to inspire the readers to find beauty in everything like the green wild plants – “nettles”.

 6. Sylvia Plath – ‘Tulips’

The mention of Tulips by the poetess Sylvia Plath means that winter is approaching. The poem was written by her when she was getting treated in a hospital. So, the poem has depictions of the pureness of death. The literary work by the most admired poetess of the 20th century has mention of vividness and reality of tulip flowers. Also, it has the escapism that the poet wants from the real world.

Thus, these are the famous literature works on flowers by popular authors. Additionally, for those wishing to use flowers as gift to someone, you can explore and order the best suitable bouquet for same day delivery in few hours.

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