11 Nov 22 By Real Flowers

5 Innovative Car Flower Décor Ideas for Weddings and Birthdays

A car decorated with floral fronds is a sight on a cherished occasion. It can be a wedding night or a birthday evening, the cars covered with fragrant flowers always have charisma around them. It is a moment of a lifetime to step into a decorated vehicle to start a new life. There are plenty of car flower décor ideas for auspicious occasions which you can pick for an upcoming event. The couples want to get their best photos in decorated cars to cherish forever.

Let’s read 5 innovative car decoration ideas with authentic flowers arrangements:

1. Birthday and Wedding Decorations with Ribbons and Teddies

If you are choosing gorgeous car decorations for a teen’s birthday or wedding car designs for a cute couple, this idea is sure to surprise them. The flowers, ribbons, and colorful teddy bears become the fancy element of the evening. So, you can make a style statement with roses, gardenias, or orchids displayed in a blended fashion.

2. Vintage Decoration with Wreaths

Choosing a vintage decoration for a carriage is in trend nowadays. The couples are picking this heritage-style car decoration that showcases wreaths in multi color designs. Order fresh flowers from online florists and then embed and sequin them in the wreaths to create a unique look. The complete car flower décor will be magical that will transport everyone to the olden times.

3. Invigorating Balloons with Flowers

If the flowers are not enough to woo the bride, you can include colorful balloons to add to the cheer and fun. The bridegroom and bride can make a stunning entry in the vehicle loaded with decors all around. Also, there are balloons in pink, yellow, and azure to turn the birthday journey into a memorable one. The complementing flowers can be an added accessory to complete a spectacular car decoration. The excitement couldn’t be hidden in the amazing photographs clicked on occasion. 

4. Wrap like a Present for Birthday or Wedding

When the car is a gift, it doesn’t need exaggerated decorations. A simple wrapping using a pompous ribbon will do the needful. The car wrapped and tied as a gift is sure to astonish the receiver. While a heart-shaped sticker that reads “Just Married” is posted on the front of the car with a big ribbon bow and a large flower bouquet, the bride and the bridegroom are ready to hop on a dream wagon that will fulfill their wedding journey to eternity. 

5. Modern Fancy Décor

The weddings of the 21st century see modern car decorations. Arrangement of flowers are in a minimalist design that oozes elegance and extravaganza at the same time. The costliest of flowers are sequenced in a picture-perfect style. The flower arrangement has a unique theme like pink light or purple-hued simulation for the best bridal car decorations.


There are many themes and colorful flower arrangements to transform your car and get accolades from friends and family. But taking help from a professional from a reputed flower shop in Dubai will make your day. Thus, have a great car décor with loads of fun.

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